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We founded goodylabs because we belive that the IT services can be provided better and in more efficient way. We do consider IT as a tool for providing business issues solution and processes enhancement. Goodylabs is about choosing the best technologies for particular problem and not the other way around. Thanks to exceptional mix of skills and experience among our team we can offer our clients outstanding solutions and ideas that go far beyond the technology itself. We are firmly engaged in projects for our clients as if it is our own business - only then we can be sure that they are getting systems SUPPORTING THEIR BUSINESSES in real.

Nothing is impossible. We do not accept compromise in solving our clients problems - all the rest is negotiable.  The time invested in understanding the needs of the customer pays back in the long time that's why we are very demanding of ourselves and the client, yes, yes, the client as well.

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  • RawCutz
  • mFind
  • Triptease
  • Ruch
  • RWSL
  • 21Diamonds


Samples Boutique  - Hip Hop Samples, Loops, Sounds, and Beats from the premier Hip Hop Sample label

Project Scope

Raw Cutz is a fresh project conceived by 2 individuals who between them have over 35 years experience using and releasing world class and highly regarded sample packs for Producers, DJs and musicians worldwide.

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Ruby on Rails Ninja

goodylabs is looking for a passionate Ruby on Rails Developer eager to learn and prove his excellence. A perfect back-end is a "must have" for the front-end to shine. You will be providing the rock - solid, reliable foundations for many fascinating products that goodylabs delivers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • write high quality, easily manageable, well documented (self documented at best) code
  • write tests for components at any level in the system architecture
  • provide valuable contribution in system architecture discourses based on experience
  • collaborate in an agile environment to rapidly prototype digital products
  • cooperate with front-end craftsmen to provide them with best possible, easy to integrate APIs

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • eager to discover tools making your work more efficient and fun
  • extensive knowledge of Ruby on Rails 3.x and 4.x
  • experience with SQL or/and NoSQL databases
  • in depth understanding of HTTP protocol
  • goal oriented
  • able to take responsibility and be a team leader
  • ability to bootstrap a simple project during a coffee break
  • self confidence in making technical decisions
  • experience with some well recognized Rails application servers

goodylabs values define who we are what we do and how we do our job. We look for these values in every member of our team.

Curiosity and Self-Motivation: as a general attitude towards work (and life in general). When you were 4 years old you probably kept asking your parents "Why?" all the time. You should still ask this question but look for an answer yourself.

Excellence: every member of our team must demonstrate the ability to improve. You do not have to be excellent from the start but you have to try and show progress.

Part of the goodylabs Community: Social, ethical and able to share knowledge with the team, customers and anyone you have contact with. We want to make friends with you.

Quality: The quality of our work is super-important for us. Open and honest criticism is always welcome. Mistakes are OK, as long as you fix them.

Essential skills:

  • Ruby on Rails 3 and 4
  • Cucumber, RSpec
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • HTTP protocol
  • Phussion Passenger
  • NGINX, Apache

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send us your CV at:

About goodylabs: